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since 14/10/12 Hello Welcome to fuckyeahharrystyles.tumblr :) To ask a question press 'ask' in the bar on the left hand side. I will answer as soon as i can!! I am NOT Harry nor do i know him so i cannot ask him to follow you on twitter! Check out FAQ and Factfile for more details! thank you :) Harry Styles

rawanjawish asked: Ohh really :) I don't care about that I just need you to be my friend XP . Ok ???

haha ok :)

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Anonymous asked: do you think if I gave harry styles my number at the concert in Nashville he would call me

probably not! They get ALOT of numbers given to them :)

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rawanjawish asked: Harry , how are you ?

not harry!!

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rianxtaylor asked: HEY! So I am headed to London next month! Gonna see the boys there in June too! <3 We should meet up!

awesome! yes, well I imagine there’ll be a big meet up outside the stadium when queuing etc :) would be cool

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charlienove asked: We are trying to get the WMYB music video to a billion views before the boys 4th year anniversary!! Can you help spread the word?? Thanks! :) (remember: log out and refresh!)


yes, refresh not replay!

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one direction golden moments
  • zayn: we were in malabami
  • liam: portugal? they speak spanish there right?
  • niall: today was a busy week for us
  • zayn: connecticut! my town!
  • harry: i was wearing new jeans today and have just realized i went the whole day with the sticker on my leg..
  • niall (on his pet hates): rabbits. they are pointless. do nothing
  • zayn: avocados are my new favorite vegetable!
  • louis: do you mean the full breast or just the nipple?
  • liam: where is venezuela on the map?
  • harry: *tweets his own instagram*
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crystalissotwoyearsago asked: I have seen so many girls running One Direction blogs who answer their asks with cruel, bitchy remarks and it's refreshing to come here where you are all so wonderful. I appreciate that.

that is very kind. Thank you for taking the time to write this :)

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 Ashton Irwin and Harry Styles are manly men 

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onlybettybunheads asked: Larry? I like Larry.... We are talking about the evil snail from SpongeBob, right?

haha! this made me smile so much :)

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Anonymous asked: Hello how did your blog get so popular?

that is very kind of you to say that, but I wouldn’t say it is ‘popular’ :) the fact we have a fair few followers is simply due to the fact Harry is lovely and so many people love him :)

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