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since 14/10/12 Hello Welcome to fuckyeahharrystyles.tumblr :) To ask a question press 'ask' in the bar on the left hand side. I will answer as soon as i can!! I am NOT Harry nor do i know him so i cannot ask him to follow you on twitter! Check out FAQ and Factfile for more details! thank you :) Harry Styles

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Anonymous asked: Who's Larry ? I've heard of it, but have no idea who it is? Lol

it’s ‘harry’ and ‘louis’ put together x

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Anonymous asked: I hate it when I mention Harry Styles and the odd person will say "Ew he's gay" or "One Direction is gay" have you got any advice? And is Larry real?

just ignore it. You’re wasting your breath trying to reason with these annoying people, and they’re only doing it to wind you up! just ignore it and be like ‘so what? is gay meant to be an insult?’ :) I don’t think larry is real but people would argue strongly with me about that

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liviagibb123 asked: I love your account its absolutely amazayn. *wink wink*

haha, I see what you did there!

thanks :)

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strongforharryx asked: Can we please be friends

okay :) sure!

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mattirwinlondon sexy potatoes heads @Harry_Styles


mattirwinlondon sexy potatoes heads @Harry_Styles

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dulce-locura-todo asked: Your blog is very very beautiful. I LOVE :3

thank you lovely!:) x

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Anonymous asked: For the anon that wants to watch this is us online, just type "this is us mega share" into Google and you should be able to watch it on mega share. If not try putlocker, sockshare, nowvideo, etc.

or they could just buy it lol

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