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since 14/10/12 Hello Welcome to fuckyeahharrystyles.tumblr :) To ask a question press 'ask' in the bar on the left hand side. We will answer as soon as we can!! We are NOT Harry nor do we know him so we cannot ask him to follow you on twitter! thank you :) Harry Styles

larrysmoans69 said: Do you ship Larry? Or do you not want Harry to like boys? Hahah You have a nice little account here I LIKE IT

Thanks :) and no I’m not a Larry shipper! I love all the boys x

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eternallywicked said: Will you let your followers know that I have one ticket to the Toronto show tonight that I'm really looking to get rid of. It's a fairly good seat and I can meet them anywhere downtown

^^ Canadian Fans

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aww soudko <3


aww soudko <3

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Anonymous said: I feel like I'm missing a lot.... how come the blog was password protected for like a week? I nearly fell into a depression! WELCOME BACK BBZ 💁

Hello! I actually don’t know what happened, I’ve been away all week and didn’t realise until I came back! Not sure what happened, apologies!! X

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harry-styles-styles-hair-styles said: I'm starting to believe that people only follow you because they think you're Harry, and that they only come on here to send you messages declaring their love. XD it's quite amusing but I'm sure you find it a tad bit exasperating. And who is Shelby?


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saylormoon01 said: What's your favorite one direction song

It changes, don’t have one!

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chelsmee said: I love your blog so much, I'm seeing the boys in little over a week and I seriously cannot contain my excitement. keep doing you bbs<3

Ah have fun!! :)

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larrysoranges said: favorite song from each album go

UAN- tell me a lie or one thing
TMH- rock me or she’s not afraid
MM- alive or don’t forget where you belong or little white lies

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Anonymous said: Do you like the 1975?


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Anonymous said: Hey harry can talk u

*sigh* we are not Harry

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foreverdreaming0 said: I love your account💕

Thank you my lovely :) x

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Anonymous said: Who is Harry currently rumoured to be dating?

Me, it’s quite the gossip right now

(In all seriousness, it’s some girl called paige apparently, not really sure)

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